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The language of the Languedoc

Limoux producers Bernard Delmas and Francoise Antech-Gazeau.

The AOC winegrowers of the Languedoc are an eclectic group: genteel local families, pioneers from France’s most prestigious wine regions and European ex-pats. All of whom express a similar goal: to make wines that convey the spirit of their distinct growing regions from the varieties that are best suited to them. More than ever before, quality is now the factor that distinguishes Languedoc’s AOC-level wines.

Though each Languedoc sub-appellation has unique terroir, the region overall benefits from maritime influence, hot summers, drying winds and mild winters that create some of the most consistent vintages in all of France. AOC producers emphasize lower yields, sustainable practices and hygienic winemaking as means to showcase the quality of their fruit and finished wines. Complete article here…Talk of the Languedoc 2202009


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