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Animated labels woo wine shoppers

It’s a common sight in any grocery store, perplexed shoppers surveying a wall of wine labels looking for visual clues that will help guide their choices.  While sale signs and shelf talkers are sure to draw the attention of some, an animated label with an image that has motion and depth is very likely to stop a shopper in their tracks.  That’s just what the makers of Spin the Bottle, a new wine brand by Buellton, Calif.-based Terravant Wine Company, are betting on.

Terravant has packaged three wines – Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and a Red Blend –  priced at $11.99 under their own Spin the Bottle label.  With the tongue-in-cheek name and eye-catching label guaranteed to attract attention, the wines offer varietal, fruit-forward flavors without any distracting oak and should be hitting store shelves in the San Francisco Bay Area after July 1st.   

Terravant crafts these and dozens of private label wines at the company’s custom service winery in Santa Ynez Valley.  Eric Guerra who is senior vice president of sales marketing for the company said, “We’ve gotten a good response from the focus group testing for the brand and the labels have already won a gold medal for packaging design in the Label Division of the 2013 San Francisco International Wine Competition.” 

While animated and 3D lenticular images have been around since 1940s, new printing techniques have improved the technology and lowered the cost of producing larger-format images which are now being used by car manufacturers and the movie industry.  Terravant has patented the technology for use on wine packaging which reserves this state-of-the-art imaging technique solely for its brands.   It’s easy to see how an animated label will differentiate the company’s products long before a consumer can even reach for their smart phone or tablet to scan a bottle.

In addition to custom crush services, Terravant is a fast-growing private label winery which produces brands for some of the nation’s largest retailers including Beverages & More, Target, Total Wine & More and Ruth’s Chris Steakhouses.  The company’s ultra modern tasting room, Avant Tapas and Wine, located adjacent to their production facility uses a Napa Technology dispensing system to offer 52 wines, the majority of which are made on site, by the taste or glass.

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