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Lugana’s Turbiana Isn’t Trebbiano

Lugana’s 50th anniversary tasting at the 2017 Wine Bloggers Conference was, by all accounts, a success both for the DOC, it’s producers and for it’s indigenous grape — Turbiana.  Several conference attendees have shared their insights including this post by Edible Arts

The gentle, rolling terrain and southern shores of Italy’s Lake Garda are home to a unique indigenous white grape variety—Turbiana. Mistakenly referred to as Trebbiano di Lugana, the Turbiana grape is a relative of both Verdicchio and Trebbiano, but it’s genetically different from both, and the wines produced from it differ as well. “Lugana’s wines are known for their precision and purity of flavor,” said Consortium President Luca Formentini of Podere Selva Capuzza as he welcomed a group of 40 press and trade for a tasting and lunch at 25 Lusk in San Francisco. “But with age, they can also be deep and nutty as well.”’

At just 1,300 hectares, the region of Lugana cups the Southern shore of the lake with one foot in the Veneto to the east and the other in Lombardy to the west. As Lombardy’s first DOC, the majority of the Lugana’s wineries can be found in the Lombardy regions of Sirmione, Dezenzano del Garda, Lonatoand Pozzolengo, while more than half of the region’s production occurs in the Veneto area of Peschiera del Garda.  Read the article here: Luxuriant Lugana  See a photo essay of the event on my home page Flickr feed.

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