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Riedel celebrates 260 years of glassware expertise

There’s no question that glassware can alter our perceptions of wine. It’s a phenomenon experienced by every resourceful consumer who has pressed a plastic cup into service when a wineglass wasn’t close. While the proliferation of shapes intended to complement or enhance specific wines has been met with skepticism from certain corners, without empirical evidence to the contrary, simply increasing the measure of enjoyment that’s obtained from a glass of wine has validated the practice and the efforts of Austrian glassware maker Riedel.

Science has already provided empirical evidence that makes a case for the superiority of wine glasses for the appreciation of wine. Using a thermal imaging technique, Japanese researchers have captured pictures of ethanol vapors volatizing from a wine glass in a ring-shaped pattern, with the area of lowest alcohol in the center. This “donut hole” effect allows for greater appreciation of volatile aroma compounds without the added interference from ethanol. When wine was tested from a Martini or straight glass it didn’t exhibit a ring shaped-vapor pattern, proof enough that wine glasses are the best tool for appreciating wine—but then we already knew that from firsthand experience. Read the article here –Riedel June July 2016

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  1. In the midst of co-authoring books on the wineries of the Santa Cruz Mountains and Monterey County, I had the pleasure of attending a “glass tasting” at the Clos LaChance Winery.
    Tasting wine in the “wrong” glasses, the “right” glasses and ultimately in Riedel’s Vinum Extreme glasses was an eye (and nose) opening experience to say the least!

    Ken Dawes


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