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Wine 123: Causation and Detection of Wine Defects Offered at Santa Rosa JC

I’ll be teaching Wine 123: Causation and Detection of Wine Defects at Santa Rosa JC next semester (Spring 2020). Check out our video courtesy of the Distance Learning department’s Emily Hansen –


    • Hi Jeff, Good to hear from you. Funny, I’m working on it right now. Yes, we’ve gone 100% online. I’ve taught the class as a hybrid before and we’re discussing how to get the faults kits to students now. If no kits, it would just be theory which is fine because it’s now only five weeks long and is going to be a crunch. It’s super easy to apply and register, takes about 30 minutes to be approved and there’s still room in the class. Hope to see you there. I’ve already got the Canvas site up and running.


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