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Lyre’s alcohol alternatives take a seat at the bar

Imitation is called the sincerest form of flattery; in the case of Sydney, Australia-based company Lyre’s, which makes a range of alcohol alternative products that mimic classic spirits, it’s an artful homage.

After three years of obsessive research and development by founder
and CEO Mark Livings, Lyre’s will make its debut in California, where—
under the guidance of Global Brand Ambassador Jeremy Shipley—it’s
bound to find a receptive audience. Shipley and Christian Butler, Lyre’s VP
of North America, brought the portfolio to San Francisco for a tasting and to
shed some light on the ingredients behind these doppelgänger spirits.

“The team at Lyre’s collaborated with Australian sommelier David Murphy
to craft and refine the 12 flavor profiles that make up the portfolio,” said Butler, who describes Murphy as their “flavor architect.” Livings and Murphy’s recipes are based on all-natural, botanical essences, extracts, and distillates sourced from all corners of the globe, particularly Germany.

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