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The Quality Threshold

The Quality Threshold The world’s most prolific wine growing regions produce a considerable amount of what can be deemed to be “value wine” for the on-premise sector. However their greatest assets are often found in wines that trade on more than price alone. Sicily—which has historically been one of Italy’s most prolific wine-growing regions—and La Mancha, which occupies the very heart of Spain, are two regions that warrant a closer look for both their abilities to produce wines of quantity and for their recent gains in quality.

Wine director Carlin Karr, Sons & Daughters

The New Regional Wine Values

Beyond what a beverage director personally determines to be quality, there are few remaining tangible ways to determine the value of wine. Finding the sweet spot-where quality and price are aligned-continues to be a priority for operators who strive to create value in wine programs both by the glass and the bottle. While unfamiliarity can often present the biggest challenge to marketing wines that deliver the best quality for value, food and beverage directors and sommeliers are constantly in search of Old and New World wine values for their programs. Complete article here…The New Regional Wine Values