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Rockin’ the Trocken

Sommeliers the world over prize Riesling for its broad range of styles and trocken, or dry, Riesling is no exception. Alex Fox, [formerly] General Manager at San Francisco’s Bar Tartine, recently added several to his list. “If you are buildinga strong list of whites between $35 and $50, you really need these wines. The beauty of trocken Rieslings is that they are fully ripe, and they’re approachable when they are young.”

While Fox and his peers introduce consumers to dry German Riesling through their wine-by-the-glass programs, only a fraction of the dry wines now available can be found on the U.S. market. Demand for Riesling in restaurants is growing; it’s second only to Pinot Gris in popularity and growing faster than Chardonnay, and many of Germany’s most compelling examples are still waiting to be discovered. Read complete article here Germany

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