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Functionals defining premium hydration 2.0

With traditional soft drink manufacturers and venture-capital firms betting big on the rapid growth of premium hydration, a seemingly endless stream of products — the majority of which can be described as functional beverages — has flooded the soft drink market.

From the reinvention of first-generation energy drinks in a bid for “clean” energy to the promise of “healthy” alcohol, consumer preferences are moving toward what one Fortune 500 executive described as a “triangle of taste, nutrition and convenience.”

There’s little doubt this disruptive reinvention of the beverage category will impact wine and beverage alcohol consumption for a host of reasons. Among them is alcohol moderation or abstinence by younger consumers whose lifestyles already include frequent consumption of functional products. While beer and spirits producers have already found purchase in the category through brand extensions and acquisitions, wine producers don’t seem in any hurry to participate.

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