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A Sparkling Continuity: Jordan Cuvée Champagne by AR Lenoble

In more ways than one, Champagne has begun infiltrating wineries in Sonoma and Napa counties. With several unprecedented examples that include Napa cult wine producer Sinegal launching its brand in conjunction with a prestige Champagne house, Sonoma’s Buena Vista Winery–branded Champagne and the unique partnership between Jordan Winery and the grower Champagne house of AR Lenoble, there’s a trend in the making.

Beyond the cachet that Champagne brings to their propositions, producers in Napa and Sonoma consider the quality of their still wines on equal footing with the world’s most prestigious sparkling wines. For Jordan, where J sparkling wine once fit the bill, the beautifully-crafted Jordan Cuvée Champagne by AR Lenoble is now being poured side-by-side with their still wines. The partnership between Jordan and AR Lenoble was born in part from necessity and from the commitment to quality that both producers share. In March of 2015, Judy Jordan announced that J Vineyards & Winery had been purchased by the E&J Gallo Corporation.

J by Jordan, a collaboration between founder Tom Jordan and his daughter, Judy Jordan, was first released in 1987 and produced alongside the still wines at Jordan Winery in Alexander Valley until 1993, when Judy Jordan took full ownership of the brand and established J Vineyards & Winery in Russian River Valley. While Jordan and J operated independently, the two wineries shared sales teams and typically sold their wines through the same distributors. For almost 30 years, Jordan served J sparkling at winery receptions, formal events and winemaker dinners referring to J as a “sister property.”

Given the long tradition of sparkling wine as an essential part of the hospitality offered at Jordan, the void left by the sale of J was destined to be filled. “Sparkling wine is a family tradition, one that we had no intention of abandoning,” says Jordan CEO John Jordan. Read the article JordanARLenoble.

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